Ceapro's unique expertise lies in the identification, extraction, production and commercialization of unique active ingredients originating from natural sources.

Development projects have focused on Ceapro's expertise in developing new innovative natural health care products using oats and other plant materials to address global needs. Oats have a host of well-documented health care benefits. However, in order to exploit these opportunities, numerous challenges must be overcome, including securing adequate and quality feed-stock, developing proper formulation, achieving manufacturing scale-up and completing scientific testing. Our activities over the years have focused on overcoming these challenges and we have been thrilled with the results to date.

Beta glucan and avenanthramides are the two bio actives extracted from oats that are at the core of our revenue based business in cosmeceuticals. They are currently sold under liquid formulation. Given their well-known properties, respectively as cholesterol reducer and anti-inflammation products, the challenge was to develop them into formulations that would comply with nutraceutical and/or pharmaceutical grade requirements. In order to achieve these goals and to improve efficiencies, we are pleased to report on the successful development and use of the following enabling technologies: