Chromatography Purification

An in-house project using a proprietary technology was conducted to generate a new product with a unique class of avenanthramides (AVs). The scientific literature reports that AVs offer natural alternatives to treat inflammation based diseases such as atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer and joint inflammation. The issue is that AVs are only available at 5-150 ppm in conventional oats and there were no established method to concentrate and purify them on a large manufacturing scale to conduct controlled large clinical studies. Prior to 2013, Ceapro had determined which solvent system best dissolves AVs and which solvent system ensures a longer AVs shelf life. Using an innovative scale-up chromatography technology, Ceapro’s researchers proved that it was possible to scale-up the technology and demonstrated that the theoretical recovery of AVs and binding capacity extrapolated from laboratory trials is achievable on a pilot scale. Ceapro also generated vital stability data which proves that dried purified AVs are very stable even in extreme storage environments. During these experiments, Ceapro researchers generated high purity dried AVs powder that was sent for physical characterization and used in clinical trials at the University of Minnesota. Positive findings from clinical trials will allow Ceapro to incorporate AVs into new formulations to develop natural alternatives to treat diseases such as atherosclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

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Dr. Jacqueline Ebrahim, Ph.D.
Director, Product Development & Regulatory Affairs