In addition to cosmetic applications, it has been suggested that Ceapro's flagship product, avenanthramides, when taken orally, could treat serious conditions such as: inflammatory bowel syndrome, atherosclerosis, colon cancer and joint inflammation. These findings led to the idea that avenanthramides could be developed as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Through the use of a chromatography purification technology, Ceapro has successfully developed a highly purified and well characterized pharmaceutical grade powder formulation to be used in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Functional Food

Ceapro successfully produced additional batches of high concentration of avenanthramides at the commercial level. This next generation of avenanthramides was used in a human bioavailability study conducted at the University of Michigan under the guidance of Dr. Li Li Ji.

Results from the bioavailability study prompted the initiation of a bio-efficacy study using low and high doses of avenanthramides with young men and women. The goal of this study was to further demonstrate the efficacy of avenanthramides in alleviating exercise-induced inflammation as evidenced by a significant decrease of inflammation biomarkers in the blood. We expect this study to complement previously published data from a similar study conducted with elderly individuals taking avenanthramides as a food additive.

Anti-Inflammatory Product

Given previous results from the bio-efficacy study with avenanthramides as a food additive, Ceapro researchers are developing a pure powder formulation of this new generation of avenanthramides using a proprietary enabling chromatography technology. The aim is to use such powder to formulate a new pharmaceutical grade tablet that will be assessed in a second human bioavailability study. Positive results would pave the way for further clinical studies with avenanthramides as a potential treatment for some inflammation based diseases.