Ethanol Fractionation Processes

This is the current process whereby active plant ingredients are extracted, purified, concentrated and quantified into distinct standardized quality products. The extraction process is conducted using specialized equipment and only GRAS solvents, such as highly purified water and ethanol (alcohol), to ensure maximum efficacy of the targeted active ingredient. Current products are sold in a liquid formulation to better serve the cosmetic and cosmeceutical markets. However, due to demand and recent technological advancements made by Ceapro, it is now possible to dry these liquid formulations without affecting the product efficacy and ease of incorporation in various formulations. Such advancements allow access to new nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets. In order to penetrate the large potential nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets, Ceapro needed to produce large quantities through improved processes. Hence, Ceapro established a new manufacturing facility in South Edmonton that not only increase production capacity but also allows the use of innovative semi continuous processes as compared to previous batch processes.