Ceapro is committed to minimizing waste into the environment by developing lean manufacturing processes that produce eco-friendly products. Our activities are guided by the principles of Sustainability and Renewability to make high quality products while lowering our environmental impact. We are continually evaluating our processes based on current industry standards as well as future trends.

All plant-based active ingredients developed by Ceapro are non-GMO derived and are only chosen through our rigorous selection process. Ceapro's staff works closely with breeders and growers to develop unique varieties of renewable botanicals that produce high concentrations of specific active molecules. This includes the evaluation, development, and commercialization of indigenous plants and cultivated crops, through renewable agricultural practices with a positive impact to regional environments.

Ceapro's proprietary processing technologies use only environmentally friendly ("green") Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) raw and processed ingredients that are acceptable in food and cosmetic formulations.